Sunday, January 26, 2003

Ice Age (2002) - Definitely the best of the this weekend's lot. It goes as high as Shrek in everything except that it lacks a solid storyline. The similarity with Shrek can also be seen in two major characters of the movie. Manfred-the mammoth (Ray Romano) and Sid-the sloth (the talented stand-up comic and actor John Leguizamo) are too close to the characters of Shrek and the donkey respectively of the movie Shrek. The direction credits are shared by Carlos Saldanha (I) and Chris Wedge. Animation is brilliant and definitely amongst one of the best in its genre. The lines are well written and the authentic tid-bits about the ice age makes interesting stuff. An enjoyable watch.

DVD. 81 min. 8/10 (-.5 for the lack of originality in the main characters). E4.Q4.R3. imdb

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