Sunday, December 29, 2002

All of Me (1984) - Funny, with a weird concept for the storyline. Steve Martin, Lily Tomlin. Plot (imdb): A dying millionnaire has her soul transferred into a younger, willing woman. But something goes wrong, and she finds herself in her lawyer's body - together with the lawyer.

VHS. 93 mins. 7/10. E3. Q2. R1.

Diamonds Are Forever (1971) - One of the better Bond fares by one of the better Bonds - Sean Connery. Dir by Guy Hamilton (I).

TV-TNN. uncut-125 mins. 6.5/10. E3. Q2. R1

Hyderabad Blues (1999) - India from the eye of a young Indian returning from America after 12 years. Cliched, prejudiced, confused, and worse with a pseudo-intellectual air. The film was received well and is said to have ushered a new era of low-budget English films in India. Thoroughly disappointing though. Falls apart technically. Cinema is a different medium and has its own language and just because one *thinks* that one has something good to say doesn't mean one can make good cinema. That Nagesh Kukunoor doesn't have anything worthwhile even to say is another matter. Avoidable.

DVD. 4/10. E0. Q0. R0

Honey, I have Shrunk The Kids - 7/10. E3. Q2. R1
Bhoot Bangla - 6.5/10. E3. Q1. R0
Sound of Music - 8/10. E3. Q3. R2

Sunday, December 22, 2002

Anubhav (1971) - Dir by Basu Bhattacharya. Sanjeev, Tanuja, Dinesh Thakur, A.K. Hangal. Expected a whole lot better from a Basu Bhattacharya movie. A rather poor fare which stands nowhere in comparison to the quality of even its own songs. Surprisingly, the BGM by Kanu Roy (with an assistant like Kersi Lord) is one of the worse things about it, along with the camerawork, editing and direction and what not. Sanjeev disappoints while the rest of the cast is just okay. Better listened to than seen. Wonderful songs. DVD. B/W. 3/10.

Auntie Mame (1958) - Played by Rosalind Russell. Plot: An orphan goes to live with his free-spirited aunt. Conflict ensues when the executor of his father's estate objects to the aunt's lifestyle. VHS. Technicolor. 143 mins. 6.5/10

Ever After (1998) - Drew Barrymore, Anjelica Huston. A modern day story of Cinderella about a girl who finds her Prince Charming. Dir by Andy Tennant. Wonderful and enjoyable. VHS. 121 mins. 8.5/10

Deewangee (2002) - Akshaye Khanna, Ajay Devgan, Urmila. Akshaye continues his excellent form that he gained with DCH. I just can't believe that he is the same guy who did so pathetically in Taal and before. He has got it just right now and simply by being himself. Also I think, he understands his weaknesses and strong points much better now. Looks like he is slated to be the next Aamir. The movie is different in the way that unlike other similar fares it keeps a grip towards the end. However, it is miserable in the first half, where it unabashedly copies 'Primal Fear'. Still better of the current lot, especially because of Akshaye and his confrontational scenes with Ajay, who has done okay in his Ranjit-avatar. Urmila, as always, is highly irritating. Written (?, copied) and directed by Aneez Bazmi (he wrote the slick Govinda's 'Aankhen' too). And oh yes, I skipped the songs. DVD. 6.5/10.

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Dil Vil Pyaar Vyaar (2002) - 3.5/10
October Sky - 8.8/10

Friday, December 13, 2002

Fiddler On The Roof (1971) - A Fantabulous musical. The movie, an adaptation of a very famous stage musical, is very compatible for a "Bollywood"-regular. Though generally a musical in itself is highly consumable to this kind of movie-goer (incl. me), the identicalness of characters and situations makes it even more home-like. Even the length of the film (a notch above 3 hours) will vouch for that :). Dir by Norman Jewison. The film carries a delightful music score with classics like "If I were a Rich Man" and "Sunrise, Sunset". Topol plays the protagonist (Tevye) and reminds more often than not of older Dilip Kumar. Joyful.

Some lines from the movie:
Tevye [Talking to God]: I know, I know. We are your chosen people. But, once in a while, can't you choose someone else?

Tevye: As the good book says, when a poor man eats a chicken, one of them is sick.
Mendel: Where does the book say that?
Tevye: Well, it doesn't say that exactly, but somewhere there is something about a chicken.

VHS. Color. 181 minutes. 8.5/10. imdb

Monday, December 02, 2002

Three wonderful movies this weekend (after a tiring yet suprisingly smooth move to the new apt, thanks mainly to Somendra)..

One Fine Day (1996) - Fun. A film of moments and fine performances. And some good lines. George Clooney, Michelle Pfeiffer. Dir by Michael Hoffman.

VHS. 8.2/10. imdb

Lion King - VHS. 8.5/10

Aladdin and the King of Thieves - VHS. 8/10