Monday, May 19, 2003

Matrix Reloaded (2003)- The special effects are dazzling. But that's basically all about it. The rest of the parts seem to be there just to separate the sfx scenes. There is a very clever pattern about the special effects though. The film tries to incorporate all kind of computer graphics technology used hitherto in the sfx movies, which though makes it all-encompassing, yet leaves a lot to be desired from a movie that is sequel to the awesomely innovative and original one. It "uses" effects from Aliens, Terminator, Crouching Tiger.., Mummy and the Matrix original itself. However, there are a couple of sequences which are indeed executed like never before and worth a view. One is of course the already-popular fight scene of Neo with multiple Smiths and the other is the bike chase. But unfortunately, what could have been a classic with such good technical base, has been turned into an unconvincing and often confusing tale with many unjustified responses and absurd theories which justify ghosts as non/wrong-functional programs. As if to complete the pointlessness, movie ends abruptly without explanations, and the unexpected and even offending line - "to be concluded". The lines are unnecessarily complicated mostly. It also fails to stand on its own and be comprehesible. One needs to see the original Matrix to have a grasp of it, which is a definite failure especially when even this part is not completed in entirety. But all said, if you can keep aside your logical wants for a while, go ahead and see it. It still has some awesome visuals never seen before on a screen.

Multiplex. 7/10. R (for violence).