Sunday, January 26, 2003

Gosford Park (2001) - The old Murder-in-the-house story told with a different style. Tagline: Tea At Four, Dinner At Eight, Murder At Midnight. The film is set in 1932's England. The emphasis is more on the details of the lifestyle of the elite and the service class during that era, than the story itself. The film has a good pace and goes on pretty smoothly for an attentive viewer till the real murder takes place. The predictability of the plot, though may bring some restlessness. The story idea and direction is by Robert Altman. Most performances are good, some loud. The cinematography and art direction is impeccable. Overall, an okay watch for a lazy afternoon. Nothing great.

DVD. 137 min. R. 7/10. E1.Q2.R1. imdb

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